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Audio visual case study

Located in the Psychology Tower Building at Cardiff University, the IROHMS Laboratory is the University’s Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Human-Machine Systems. This research facility brings together globally established academics in these fields with next-generation technologies and resources.

IROHMS features a 360° immersive training room, as well as virtual reality and robotics facilities. This case study centres around the facility’s Command and Control Centre, showcasing the equipment deployed and audio visual systems installed by GVAV.

Cardiff University IROHMS facility

Client requirements

The  Command and Control Centre needed to be a dynamic technical solution that would be used for training and research in high-stress situations, for example by the fire service. Whilst working in the simulated space, operators wear optical and facial muscle sensors to determine metrics like eye movements, emotions and temperature.

In an environment dominated by robotics, VR and AI, the goal of this project was to integrate a world-class AV system befitting of its environment. In turn, the new system would enhance the capabilities of the space, taking the faculty’s possibilities to the next level to conduct experiments, analyse data and effectively simulate various control room scenarios.

Having a strong and supportive relationship with the University built up over a number of years, GVAV worked with the client to determine their specifications and preferences early on.

The desired setup included a 3x2 video wall configuration featuring multiple thin-bezel displays with the possibility for future expansion to a 3x3 setup. This arrangement would be similar to other GV-installed video walls on campus in the Centre for Student Life (CSL) and ABACWS buildings.

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Integrated technology

GVAV planned and installed a comprehensive range of equipment to meet the client’s requirements for the facility. 

The installed kit comprised of high-quality displays, video distribution systems, a network switch, audio components and a user control interface.

The impressive video wall comprises of six 49” LG displays with an ultra-thin bezel design, offering full HD resolution.

This design allows for a virtually seamless visual experience across more than 3 metres in length, ensuring that the content displayed on the video wall is clear for everybody in the room. 

The displays are securely mounted together with the Chief LVS1U ConnexSys Video Wall Landscape Mounting System. Video is displayed onto the video wall using a Roku Express 4K Streaming Media Player.

For video distribution, GVAV utilised Blustream IP200UHD-TX transmitters and IP200UHD-RX receivers. IP Multicast UHD Video Transmitters, connected to a dedicated network switch enabled the transmission of UHD video signals over a 1Gb network. 

The receivers, equipped with built-in video scalers, ensure optimal display quality and flexibility in content management for the video wall.

Dan Victory, GVAV​​​​​​​After being approached by the client, we were aware that we needed to maximise their budget to achieve a very high performing system but needed to maintain a cost-effective solution that broke new ground in terms of equipment choice for the University. Having installed other AVoIP solutions on the client network we were aware of the pitfalls and needed a high quality alternative with a simple to use interface, without moving to a full 3rd party control system.

Dan Victory

Group Technical Director, GVAV

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The Blustream components are an essential part of the audio visual system, allowing the end user to seamlessly and simply share content from various sources to the video wall. 

The network switch employed for this system was the Netgear M4250. This AVLine Managed Switch facilitates reliable and high-speed data transfer between the AV components within the room.

For audio requirements, GVAV made use of client-supplied amplifier and speakers. These components were carefully integrated into the system to ensure clear and functional audio output.

The end user is able to control and configure the AV system via a user-friendly and familiar interface using an integrated Apple iPad. With intuitive control capabilities, users can streamline their experience by easily managing video sources and adjusting display settings.

Having worked with the Blustream team in the past and having set up and tested their solutions at our premises previously we were drawn instantly to the IP200 series, offering 4K video and videowall scaling and tiling features and offering a simple iPad control interface but at a very aggressive price point. We worked through some budget costings for this and other solutions, including HDBase-T and ultimately the final solution ticked every box.

Once chosen, we had various discussions with the client team, University Estates and networking specialists to confirm data and power requirements as well as coordination to achieve Wi-Fi access for the control solution. Once all was confirmed, we were able to deliver a solution that truly fits the brief."

Dan Victory

Group Technical Director, GVAV

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Implementation & impact

Through close collaboration with Cardiff University and with thorough planning, GVAV successfully delivered a seamless, functional and high-tech AV system, meeting the client’s specifications. 

From the Blustream components to the end-user tablet, each component within the Command and Control Centre integration was selected and to form a robust, efficient and scalable system built for the future.

The 3x2 LG video wall configuration forms the centrepiece of the space, providing a visually impressive, immersive and dynamic experience. Working alongside the Blustream AVoIP system, the video wall opens up opportunities for the end user to display different content across the displays from multiple sources for different purposes.

The installation brings even more value to a department already leading the way in cyber security, enabling Cardiff University to advance its work as a trailblazer of AI, robotics and human-machine systems. The investment made across IROHMS creates a new training facility and presents fresh ROI opportunities for the client.

With meticulous planning and drawing on an extensive bank of knowledge and expertise in delivering transformative AV solutions, GVAV were able to meet the client’s requirements effectively and in good time.

The audio visual integration in the Command and Control Centre has been designed and installed to serve the University and its associates for many years to come.

The solution GVAV delivered within IROHMS went above and beyond our expectations, presenting a dynamic and scalable solution that is able to meet a variety of unique requirements and gives us scope for future expansion.

Feedback around the new Blustream AVoIP solution has already been positive, with staff noting the ease with which they are able to run the system.

As we come to expect from GVAV, their planning, design and integration has transformed our space and elevated our overall laboratory experience. We're excited about the potential this solution holds and hope to continue our successful partnership with GVAV in the future."

Theo Kozlowski

Research Associate, Cardiff University

Cardiff Hufex
Cardiff IROHMS

before and after AV installation video wall​​​​​​​