Engaging AV solutions for the boardroom

The boardroom has become a veritable hub of AV activity. With travel and economic changes altering the way we communicate, the technology used in an organisation is now more important than ever. Over the years, we’ve witnessed how technology is consistently improving the way we facilitate productive meetings, discussions, presentations, and pitches. 

Let us take your boardroom to the next level with
​​​​​​​our award winning range of innovative Audio Visual technologies. 

Our experienced AV design and installation teams integrate key boardroom technologies such as Large Format Displays, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solutions, Video Conferencing technology, Interactive Displays, room booking, and control systems. Our solutions help to accommodate remote interaction as well as client and far-site connections - keeping your staff well connected even when not physically present.  

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Make it a boardroom, not a bored room

We understand the challenges of technology in the modern boardroom environment, the frustration of equipment failure and the anxiety this could cause.

The key to a successful board meeting where AV technology is involved is seamless integration and ease of use.

We select the very best technologies to create an uninterrupted and reliable means of communication, minimising meeting disruption and empowering users to deliver to their highest potential.

Above all, our boardroom solutions are user-friendly and a pleasure to use. 


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Partners and relationships

The GV team brings with it access to our renowned network of industry-leading brands, ensuring every customer has access to the sharpest and latest advances in the AV marketplace. Technology moves quickly, so through our partners we aim to develop future-proof systems that draw on the latest technologies while being able to stand the test of time.

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