Lecture theatres

Delivering educational excellence with lecture theatre AV Solutions

Using the right AV, a lecture theatre is transformed into an immersive experience - captivating your attendees and creating an unparalleled learning environment. Our AV systems allow universities, colleges, and businesses to deliver excellent seminars, with each attendee receiving the same outstanding levels of audio and video, irrespective of where they’re sat in the room - or even if they’re participating remotely. 

From fully integrated AV lecterns and teaching desks, through to presentation technologies and remote presenter participation, our solutions ignite a passion for learning with an outstanding and balanced audio visual experience.   

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Unique lecture theatres perfectly tailored to your requirements

Starting with a consultation, and using our experience, we understand what systems would augment your capacity to deliver educational excellence.

We will design and implement a solution to match your practical requirements and creative vision. 

We provide the latest technologies to match
your environment including custom lecterns, projection and displays, multi-channel audio
with bespoke control.

All our integrated designs are fully commissioned to recognised industry standards with exceptional design and build quality. 


What our clients say.

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Partners and relationships

The GV team brings with it access to our renowned network of industry-leading brands, ensuring every customer has access to the sharpest and latest advances in the AV marketplace. Technology moves quickly, so through our partners we aim to develop future-proof systems that draw on the latest technologies while being able to stand the test of time.

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