GV and the environment

GVAV recognises climate change presents challenges now and for generations to come and therefore are committed to Carbon Net Zero for the benefit of all.

We believe that sustainability, functionality, and environmental sensitivity go hand in hand. As a leading AV solutions provider, with 45+ years of experience, and regional hubs across the UK, ​​​​​​​GV takes environmental responsibility seriously.

We hold the ISO 14001 accreditation and adopt an environmentally empathetic approach to our solutions design and project execution.

Setting the Green Standard

We aim to operate ethical, honest, transparent business processes supportive of the environment, the wellbeing of end-users, and the sustainability of the solutions we deliver. From minimising waste materials, reducing transportation distances, disposing of waste responsibly, and sourcing new, earth-friendly resources, we are driven to demonstrate how our AV solutions can also be an advocate for environmental awareness.

Working with the right Partners

Minimising impact on the environment is something crucially important to the whole of the GV team.

We ensure that we engage with manufacturers that have strong green policies and we constantly review our supply chain striving for new technologies that offer a green approach without sacrificing performance.

Partners and relationships

The GV team brings with it access to our renowned network of industry-leading brands, ensuring every customer has access to the sharpest and latest advances in the AV marketplace. Technology moves quickly, so through our partners we aim to develop future-proof systems that draw on the latest technologies while being able to stand the test of time.

Big Brands