Simple, efficient video integration from Magewell

Magewell logoRenowned for its trusted, cutting-edge video integration solutions, Magewell are dedicated to redefining capture, conversion and streaming.

The simplicity, reliability and cost-effectiveness of Magewell’s products make them a preferred choice for integrators and end-users to bring high-quality AV signals into and out of IP networks and popular software.

USB Capture and USB Capture Plus

Experience the simplicity and efficiency with Magewell's plug-and-play USB Capture and USB Capture Plus.

Magewell USB Capture HDMIMagewell USB Capture 4K

These compact yet powerful devices will redefine the way you capture video and audio content. Whether you're recording lectures, streaming live events or even video conferencing, Magewell's USB Capture series bridges the gap between camera and your computer.

With plug-and-play functionality, robust compatibility, and unparalleled quality, Magewell's USB Capture solutions ensure that every moment is captured with clarity and precision.

Magewell USB capture solution

Driver-free installation and auytomatic input detection make the USB Capture and Capture Plus dongles truly plug-and-play, with full support for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Chrome.

✔ Full range of interface choices

  • ‣ Compatible with a range of cameras and switchers
  • ‣ Resolutions from SD to HD and 4K (Capture Plus)

✔ Zero-CPU-usage video processing

  • ‣ FPGA-based processing
  • ‣ High quality up/down conversion
  • without consuming system processing power

✔ USB 3.0

  • ‣ Integrate with all types of computers thanks to a standard USB 3.0 interface
  • ‣ Data + power compatible

✔ USB Capture Utility

  • ‣ Free software for USB Capture and USB Capture Plus devices
  • ‣ Modify parameters, upgrade firmware and get technical support

Introducing USB Fusion

For more engaging lectures and virtual events, Magewell's USB Fusion hardware lets you easily combine cameras, screenshares and media file sources into attractive live presentations for remote conferencing and streaming.

USB Fusion lets producers and presenters switch between multiple live and file-based sources, or to combine two inputs simultaneously into one output (picture-in-picture or side-by-side) for capturing into popular software via its USB 3.0 interface.

Capture and combine sources with USB Fusion

USB Fusion offers two 1080p60 HDMI inputs plus one USB webcam input. It also supports wireless sharing input protocols including AirPlay®, Google Cast™ and Miracast™. Users can easily switch or combine sources via on-device buttons or the companion tablet app.

Magewell USB Fusion hardware

Engage your audience with interactive presentations using the USB Fusion companion app. Create presentation playlists, incorporate pre-recorded audio and media files, and utilize annotation tools to mark up materials in real-time. With USB Fusion, recording sessions for subsequent playback is simple, thanks to its built-in storage.

Setting up USB Fusion is a breeze, with automatic, driver-free installation as a standard UVC/UAC device. Compatible with a wide range of software, USB Fusion offers immediate compatibility for hassle-free deployment. Administrators can easily configure and manage hardware and presentations through a browser-based web interface or programmatic API. Plus, systems integrators can remotely manage multiple USB Fusion devices via Magewell Cloud, ensuring seamless operation across your AV setup.

USB Fusion

Magewell USB Fusion

Combine sources

Blend cameras, screenshares and media files to create captivating live presentations

Magewell USB Fusion companion app

Engaging presentations

Create presentation playlists in advance with the USB Fusion companion app

Magewell USB Fusion install

Simple setup

Automatic, driver-free installation compatible with a wide range of software

Magewell USB Fusion setup

Easy to configure

Confugure and manage hardware and presentations via a browser-based web interface

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