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GVAV are pleased to partner with Yealink to empower your communication and collaboration. We supply a range of device solutions for Microsoft Teams™ that suit every situation.

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A range of products to suit all room sizes

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Small rooms
(2-6 users)
MVC 400
Huddle & small rooms
(2-7 users)
Small rooms
(6-11 users)
Medium & large rooms
(12-18 users)
A wide range of accessories is available to grow your system further.
Medium & large rooms
(12-18 users)



Unlock Creative Teamwork
The Yealink MeetingBoard collaboration display effectively facilitates powerful digital collaboration by combining everything in the room, from the computing unit to a wide 65-inch touchscreen display, 4K camera, microphones arrays, speakers, and built-in Microsoft Teams. The Android 10 OS and an Octa-core high-performance chipset offer maximum performance. By connecting the power cable, users can quickly and easily enjoy video conferencing and whiteboard collaboration, with remote integrated management capabilities for those working from home or off-site.

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