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ROOMZ intelligent officesROOMZ is a 100% wireless solution; easy to install, use and maintain, enabling you to leverage your workspace and create an agile work environment.

ROOMZ ecosystem helps you optimise the use of meeting rooms, shared desks and huddle spaces with a secure and environmentally friendly approach.

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Meeting room solution

The ROOMZ Meeting Room Solution is the right answer to efficiently manage the use of your meeting and conference rooms.

Ensure a more efficient working atmosphere and gain valuable insights with the ROOMZ Sensor to find the perfect room usage strategy.


ROOMZ Portfolio

ROOMZ display panel

ROOMZ display

Provides the right information at the right time. It puts an end to guesswork in corridors and lets employees book available spaces on the spot.

ROOMZ flightboard


Install ROOMZ Flightboard on a SmartTV to view a summary of upcoming meetings. Find the room's location using the floor or building view.

ROOMZ sensor

ROOMZ sensor

Automatically releases rooms if no one shows up while creating valuable insights based on the effective use of your spaces.

ROOMZ experience box

Experience Box

Includes everything you need for a straightforward, easy to deploy, meeting room booking solution - right out of the box.

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Sunderland City Council – New building, new approach

The City of Sunderland sought a comprehensive solution to integrate agile working methods into its new city hall. Implemented simultaneously with the completion of the new building, ROOMZ proved to be the right product at the right time.

Our offices are now designed for all different sorts of working, primarily collaborative work. Meeting rooms can be reserved for staff who need to come into the office to work together face to face, while individual workstations can also be reserved. ROOMZ gave us the tools we needed to manage the new way of working.”
- Ian Crosby, Premises and Security Manager, Sunderland City Council


Intelligent office solution

ROOMZ intelligent office solutions

Improve the employee experience and reduce the guesswork in your workspaces by offering innovative tools to increase work efficiency and collaboration.

Maximize the use of your flexible workspaces and provide the right space at the right time.

Manage your hot workspaces

ROOMZ - manage your hot workspaces

Finding an available, unbookable workspace is often an effort and a waste of precious time.
The ROOMZ Huddle Sensor paired with a live floor plan provides a real-time overview of currently available spaces.

Manage your shared desks

ROOMZ - manage your shared desks

With the myROOMZ app, employees always have access to an easy-to-use web tool that helps them find and book a free workspace, on the go or in advance from home.

Get valuable insights

ROOMZ - advanced analytics

With ROOMZ Advanced Analytics, track the actual usage of your offices, meeting rooms and collaboration spaces to suggest the best configuration to meet your business and employee expectations.
Redesign your spaces through data analysis to meet the changing needs of your organisation.

✔ 100% wireless

  • ‣ Easy installation
  • ‣ Very scalable
  • ‣ Cost efficient

✔ Cost efficient

  • ‣ No cabling or switch
  • ‣ No MTR subscription
  • ‣ Lifetime 10+yrs

✔ Secure

  • ‣ No operative system
  • ‣ No data stored
  • ‣ ISO 27001 & GDPR compliant

✔ High quality

  • ‣ Made in Switzerland
  • ‣ High quality materials
  • ‣ 3-4 years autonomy

✔ Sustainable

  • ‣ 1 regular tablet = 10,000 ROOMZ displays
  • ‣ Very low power consumption
  • ‣ Very long lifecycle products

✔ 1-stop solution

  • ‣ Manage all types of workspaces
  • ‣ Integrates with 20+ booking systems
  • ‣ 1 vendor: no complex installations

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