Blessed John Henry Newman RC College - Video Wall


9x Philips 55BDL3105X

Brightsign XT244-AC3 signage player

Blessed John Henry Newman RC College is a coeducational Roman Catholic secondary school located in Chadderton in the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, Greater Manchester. Having been impressed with GVAV projects as seen in our yearly Bright Ideas AV industry catalogue, the College contacted GVAV regarding an upcoming AV requirement they had. The project requirements were for a large video wall display, which would enable the College to communicate key messages to students and staff in the College lobby, where most people pass through as they make their way to and from classes throughout the day. To support this, the client wanted a robust and easy-to-use signage solution and a simple way of plugging in an external source such as a laptop to enable easy switching between sources.

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High-Quality Video Wall

A key requirement for the display was that it needed to be large enough to be visible from all over the large open space, and critically it had to be bright and clear enough to enable text to be read easily from afar. The client was presented with a number of options for the 55” panels to make up the wall. The Philips 55BDL3105X was the preferred choice from a specification and price consideration and Philips were also one of the few manufacturers who could accommodate the delivery timescales in these challenging times.

One of the key differences with this project was that the GVAV team had to install the video wall panels onto a wall with a negative incline. Although a challenge from the conventional vertical wall, the results were without a doubt extremely effective and striking. The screens were installed using all Health & Safety considerations and utilising a scissor lift for ease. They were subsequently calibrated and optimised using the native onboard software. This Ultra High-Definition video wall precisely provides the clarity and impact that was requested when considering the project brief and has resulted in an assert used daily to communicating with all who pass through this core space within the college.

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User-friendly signage solution

For a high-quality signage solution, a Brightsign XT244-AC3 signage player was selected, the client was impressed by the user-friendly interface and proven track record in reliability and performance. This was installed in a void behind the video wall and is accessible via a service hatch in the room behind the display. To enable easy source switching, an input plate was installed with a HDMI port to allow the direct connection of a laptop. A HDMI auto switch was utilised between the signage player and input plate. The default source is the signage player, and this is only overridden when a laptop source is connected. Once the laptop is disconnected, the signage player content automatically resumes, making for an extremely intuitive and easy to use solution.

The project was delivered on time and within budget, and the customer were delighted with the results of the installation, in particular, how clear and bright the image appears and the ease of auto-switching between the Brightsign player and the input plate.

In the first instance I contacted GV after I received a promotional mailshot detailing the services they offer.  I was impressed by the scale and variety of projects that they had carried out and therefore included them in the companies that we asked to quote on the project. Not only was GVAV’s quote the best value, but they also completed a thorough site survey before quoting which gave me confidence that they were suggesting the best solution for the project and there would be no surprises. GVAV ensured that we could reuse existing brackets which added even more value to the quote.

Mr Ian Worsley

IT Strategic Manager, Newman RC College