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GVAV were successful in tendering for the Roger Stevens Collab Lecture Theatres redesign project in early 2021. Procured via a primary contractor, the university selected our tender return with contractor Illingworth & Gregory. The University of Leeds wrote its own detailed AV tender specifications, so GVAV surveyed the rooms with a defined vision from the client.

The University of Leeds planned to refurbish three lecture theatres in the Roger Stevens building, refreshing the interiors and the installed audio-visual systems. The three theatres in this works programme required an upgrade to "collaborative lecture standard".

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For the greatest flexibility, the specification required dual projection systems using the electronic writing board concept, collaborative student desks in place of raked seating, collective two-way content sharing between students and the main screens, and enhanced lecture capture and AV-over-IP systems. 

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  • Initially scheduled for installation during June/July 2021. This work represented the final element of a much larger scheme involving structural work to lift shafts, staircases, roof works etc. The AV installation was delayed due to earlier construction works overruns, and due to these unavoidable delays, the first fix was agreed upon with the client and finally performed by GVAV in late November 2021.

  • With a significantly shortened project timeline, GVAV were compelled to work simultaneously with the commissioning of another significant project, requiring agile and detailed management of the available resources to ensure success.
  • Working within all guidance during the pandemic still meant the need to carefully manage the impact of COVID cases that were increasing during this time, both within the University AV team, our own organisation and across the UK as a whole.


  • Dealing with the principal contractor and managing that relationship while keeping in close contact with the University AV team was essential. By managing the resources and university availability the project was delivered within the agreed timeframe thanks to the huge efforts of all concerned. 

  • The AV design needed to be sympathetic to room aesthetics, colours, timber slatted ceiling, and a "living wall" of moss on the room's rear wall. Additionally, complementarily coloured speakers/brackets and pendants were hung through the timber slatted ceiling.

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The layout of the principal teaching wall was altered to provide dual-screen projection, and existing current column boards were removed. New Panasonic PT-FRZ60 projectors were fitted on Top Tec ceiling mounts, and Top Tec Explorer Duet Lecterns were installed in each of the three lecture theatres, significantly enhancing the functionality.
Each theatre benefitted from Iiyama TT2236MSC touchscreen lectern monitors and 11 new collaborative desks, each equipped with an AVPlates bespoke input plate housing an Extron HDMI retractor, light switch, 13a plug socket, USB charging, and microphones with "push to talk" buttons for the Beyerdynamic audio conferencing system.

Wireless charging units from OE electrics were also integrated into every desk for student devices such as phones.

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Interactivity between Students and lecturers formed a principal element of this project. This highly collaborative integration was successfully and flexibly achieved using Crestron NVX AVoIP. 

The NVX AVoIP is the backbone for content sharing between student devices, lecturer positions and vice versa, with a DM-NVX-351 on each desk and two DM-NVX-363 units on the podium. A Crestron AM-200 Airmedia provides BYOD functionality and further enhancement to the teaching environment provided by installing Electronic Writing Board systems from Iiyama TF4938UHSC.

Crestron TS-1542-B-S touch panel control interfaces were implemented, and we are particularly proud of the skilled programming undertaken for this complex system. Quality of sound was an essential component of the work. These high standards were achieved using Biamp Community ALC-404D Amplifiers in tandem with Community ENT206 Front of House Speakers and Extron SF26PT pendant speakers for voice reinforcement. 

Crestron controller​​​​​​​

A new display screen was fitted on the sidewall – Panasonic TH-55SQ1

New cameras were installed to capture delegates in addition to the existing lecture capture camera – Panasonic AW-HE40SKE

Existing Hard-of-Hearing systems were replaced by Ampetronic Phased Array Induction loop systems

Our collaborative rooms introduced our first implementation of AVoIP, and this required very close working between ourselves and the GVAV installation team. The GVAV team clearly understood our requirements and were happy to discuss any potential issues before they became a problem.
They were happy to accommodate tweaks and changes as they arose, and there was a clear desire to ensure the finished space met all our expectations. Although the rooms have only been in use for a few short weeks, we are already receiving positive feedback from staff and students. 

Kristian Page

Technical Supervisor | Facilities Support Services | University of Leeds