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The University of Bristol began work on a £33 million renovation to transform Fry Building into a new home for the School of Mathematics.

The project involved AV system design and integration into a variety of spaces including seminar rooms, lecture theatres, and tutorial suites.
​​​​​​​The highlight however was the inclusion of a specialist Access Grid Node to facilitate the University's participation in Taught Course Centre (TCC) activities.

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A modern Access Grid Node

The biggest challenge involved the duration of the project, during which the University's established standards were updated, necessitating changes into the latest designs. In addition, the project provided a notable obstacle in review of the obsolete elements and technologies in relation to the Access Grid Node. With technologies associated having fallen out of common usage, GV conducted in-depth analysis into the current use of Access Grid Nodes to determine the key components, and conduct trials on the current software before successfully delivering a modern, fully digital system.

January 2018, operations where shut down when a large section of the building was damaged when a fire broke out. Following the incident, necessary rapid adaptation of planned engineering works relied heavily on robust and agile project management methods. GV's Project Management throughout this process was critical.

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Exercising strong project management disciplines.

The success of the Access Grid Node is a huge achievement, but it is the work ethic of the team that makes Fry Building so significant. This project represented one of the most uniquely challenging situations that Exeter’s Management Team has encountered. GV relied on a wealth of experience and good disciplines, brought about by an awareness of key Project Management methods. The team managed to achieve completion of all installations in time for the start of the 2019/2020 academic year.

As always, GV were professional, accommodating, flexible and friendly. This was a very difficult project to deliver and they were always on hand throughout the many years the project took to complete. They worked very well with other trades and were able to accommodate difficult deadlines involving multiple contractors.

They were friendly and professional throughout. There were several major setbacks to this project including a fire which caused a significant delay. GV never wavered in their commitment to deliver a high-quality service - even when put under considerable pressure.

Daniel Studd

Senior TLC Technician, University of Bristol