Leeds Trinity University,

Sports Hall 


Panasonic Projectors

Projecta 4m Electric Screens

JM Lectern

Extron TLP Pro 725T Touch Panel

Beyerdynamic MPR211B Lectern Mic

JBL Pro CBT70J-1 Speakers with RA Technology Protective Housing

With COVID-19 cases rising ahead of the start of the academic year, Leeds Trinity University required a quick and innovative solution to expand their teaching capacity on campus. GVAV were tasked with turning a sports hall into a multi-use teaching space. The specialist AV solution implemented required a unique set up whereby the AV equipment was either fully removable or secure enough that the hall could still be used for sporting activities.

For top class teaching, three Panasonic projectors were installed in custom made GVAV Perspex protective boxes to prevent damage, alongside three Projecta 4m Electric Screens for maximum visibility. This provided a unique range of installation challenges for the team as they had to mount the very large and heavy screens in protective cases, to steelwork at a height. Using a bespoke mounting solution, with the installation facilitated by material and scissor lifts we were able to mount the screens exactly as needed. Due to having no control over the hall lighting, light rejecting screen materials were used to reject ambient light. As a result, the projector image stays clearly visible, even when the bright ceiling lights are switched on.

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Flexible solution

The customer desired moveability of the JM Supplies lectern installed due to the multi-functional space requirements, to combat this, heavy duty brake wheels were fitted to allow easy movement in and out of the space. For easy control over the AV systems when the lectern is in place for teaching, an Extron TLP Pro 725T touch panel features on the lectern. When the lectern is removed, a wall-mounted simple button panel (NBP 100) can be used to turn the systems on or off, adjust audio controls and more.

A Beyerdynamic MPR211B Lectern Mic featuring Revolute technology works as the ideal solution for teaching across a large area. The patented technology, where microphone capsules are arranged in a horizontal or vertical row, creates a much greater distance for voice pick up (in comparison to a gooseneck microphone), therefore giving the speaker freedom of movement with consistent intelligibility of speech. The microphone also features ON/OFF, push-to-talk and push-to-mute buttons for ease of use.

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Secure speaker systems

For excellent sound distribution and impactful audio across the large hall, JBL Pro CBT70J-1 Speakers were installed. Supplied with RA Technology custom made protective housing, providing a robust solution to protect the wall mounted speakers from sports equipment. A wall mounted pro Bluetooth input plate was implemented in addition to a wall mounted rack to house the essential audio equipment. This allows full use of the audio system, even when the lectern is removed from the space, via a phone or other Bluetooth device. This was a flexibility requirement from the customer so that they could use the audio system for sports classes/other events as well as teaching.

“GVAV worked with Leeds Trinity Media Services to design and install a comprehensive, adaptable and robust solution to allow teaching to occur in the main sports hall. A challenging environment in which to place audio visual equipment due to inherent lighting and sound issues. To add to the complexity the solution needed to withstand physical abuse from sports activities and be securely mounted to a physical building frame that did not lend itself to any sort of simple installation. GVAV have provided a solution that has not only assisted with short term emergency teaching under Covid but has left a legacy system that will be a real future bonus to the Sports Departments facilities”.

Mike Othick - Media Services Manager, Leeds Trinity University