Exeter College - Digital and Data Centre


JM Sentinel Lectern

QSC Column Loudspeakers

Panasonic 8,000 Lumens Projector

Screens International 3500mm x 1970mm Screens

Phillips 65" Display

The South West Institute of Technology (SWIOT) Digital and Data Centre at Exeter College is a new £10.3 million building at the heart of the college, built to revolutionise digital, engineering and manufacturing technology education. The state-of-the-art facility will provide students with opportunities in the digital sector, including courses around data analytics, cyber security, and software development. 

GVAV were tasked with implementing AV across a range of spaces, including a multi-use 100-seat lecture theatre with hybrid learning capabilities, multiple classroom spaces and three video walls situated in the reception area.

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High Quality AV

High quality audio and video were a priority for this project, and specialist solutions were required to implement this. In the lecture theatre, a solid ceiling meant that the usual ‘go-to’ solution of ceiling speakers were not an option, GVAV engineers overcame this by implementing QSC column loudspeakers. The QSC AD-S162TB column speakers were an ideal alternative, using 16 drivers in a line array to give consistent coverage throughout the space. Because of the loud-speaker’s directional nature, audio coverage was consistent and of high quality throughout the space as per the College­’s requirements.

A JM Sentinel, height adjustable lectern was fitted to meet the clients’ requirements for an adjustable lectern. As a result, an AVOIP system was installed as a logical solution for an easy to operate system. By utilising Wyrestorm NHD 4K and Dante network, end users are able move lecture positions with only one cable. With network infrastructure that supports 10Gbps, GVAV were able to ensure 4K video and audio would be supported seamlessly, eliminating the need for complicated patch panels, while providing the option to expand the system in the future.

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Top Class College Facilities

For maximum visual accessibility and impact, a dual projection system was implemented. Panasonic PT-MZ770 8,000 lumens projectors were selected due to their long-lasting laser light source and low-maintenance design providing high brightness and superb image quality. Paired with two Screens International 3500mm x 1970mm, 16/9 screens, this combination works as an ideal lecture theatre solution. Video inputs consisted of a BYOD friendly Kramer K-Spider adapter, a rack mounted client PC running in dual monitor mode and a Lumens PTZ camera.

 A Phillips 65” 18/7 4K UHD Display features as a confidence monitor mounted at the back of the theatre, alongside the PTZ camera. The PTZ camera enables users to select from a range of pre-set positions and gives complete zoom and pan control via the Extron 7” touch panel. Screen sharing and video from the camera can also be routed to a pair of Magewell USB converters, providing video and screen sharing to a client supplied PC. This allows users to teach in range of hybrid learning situations and be able to utilise the high-quality AV hardware within the space.

A gooseneck microphone, linked to a Dante AVIO embedder, allows lecturers to present and be heard throughout the space and on a VC call, ideal for hybrid or socially distanced teaching, with a Sennheiser speech-line wireless system providing flexible speech reproduction with the choice of a lavalier or handheld microphone.

During system design, it was identified that the client required the ability to live stream and record content. An Extron SMP 351 was specified, allowing for multiple video inputs from the lecture theatre, to be streamed live to YouTube live and other such sites. The Extron SMP also offers local storage and recording, allowing users to record special events and lectures for access later, without the need to configure a live stream. Recording could be initiated from the Extron 7” touch panel, ensuring accessibility for a forward-thinking solution.

An Impressive Entryway

In the bright and modern reception space, three videowalls were implemented to give the ‘wow’ factor to the entrance. This consisted of one central 4x4 UHD Videowall and two smaller 2x2 UHD Videowalls on either side, with the ability to display engaging College content from networked Brightsign 4K Mediaplayers. The system design also allows for content from the lecture theatre to be shown on the videowall, by using the Brightsign video-input feature.

The Brightsign players suited the clients desire to play interactive content, pull video streams from the lecture theatre and pull data streams from the college network to show on the videowall, such as information about the solar power system located on the building’s roof.

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Consistency for College Teaching Spaces

18 x SBID-MX275-V2 were installed into the seminar rooms with a connection to an in-room PC and a HDMI and USB wall plate for visiting presenters. These are now standard across the college estate so that teaching is consistent in all spaces.

This project is an excellent example of how AV can be designed around individual requirements. The GVAV team are pleased with the implemented systems and are confident that it will help to provide an exceptional flexible learning experience for college students.

Thank you to the GVAV team for their efforts in delivering a fantastic setup in an amazing facility.

We look forward to working with GVAV again on our next project.

Steve Strang

Director of Estates and Information Technology, Exeter College