Jabra PanaCast 20

Your next webcam is not a webcam

In an age of working from home and hybrid working, video conferencing has become a big part of our daily lives.

So having a reliable, high-quality, lightweight and portable webcam has never been more important.

Introducing the ultimate personal video conferencing camera

Crystal clear video conferencing

Whether you're catching up with your team remotely, striking an important business deal or giving a presentation to a client, the PanaCast 20 ensures that you are seen clearly.

The camera uses its on-board AI system to continuously scan and adjust the picture in real-time, ensuring you're always in the centre of the frame.

Jabra's unique Picture-in-Picture mode allows you to share a close-up while continuing to present in a smaller window.

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Meetings. Reinvented

With its 13 megapixel 4K camera, the PanaCast 20 is a powerful personal camera that you can trust for the most important moments.

The PanaCast 20's on-board AI helps deliver intelligent features, enhancing your video and adjusting in real-time to your environment

Plug and play

The PanaCast 20 was designed with usability in mind. For hassle-free video confereincing, the PanaCast 20 works straight out the box with instant connection and compatibility.

Certified and optimised

The Jabra PanaCast 20 is certified for Teams and Zoom, as well has having compatibility with all leading UC platforms, giving you more time to worry about what really matters - your meetings.

What's more, the PanaCast 20 works seamlessly with the entire Jabra ecosystem, allowing you to build a world-leading, all-round video conferencing system in your own home.

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